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E16: Hearing Every Voice

The day after the election was called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris I started thinking about the voices that I've had on the show over the past few months. I was curious to talk with folks again now that the election over and the results had been announced. I’m grateful to following people, who shared their thoughts, feeling and hopes with me about this moment in time. Jollanna (she/her), who identifies as a mother, a woman of color and an educator. Chris (he/they), who identifies as gender non-binary. Elsa (she/her), who identifies as a Mexican immigrant, a mother and a child advocate. Mark (he/him), who identifies as a gay male and Asian American.  Hainer (he/him), who identifies as a Latinx man. Monica (she/her), who identifies as a sixty-something, newly retired caregiver.  Rodrigo (he/him), who identifies as a DACAmented Mestizo.  Jennifer (she/her), who identifies as a cisgender white woman and a mother.

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Welcome to timestamp, the podcast dedicated capturing this moment in time.  Our world is in a profound state of transformation.  Given the speed of ongoing change, there is value in taking a snapshot in time; to listen to the experience and perspective of others as we all navigate this new world.

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